11042298_804105596326202_7265866951432026112_nATTENTION EVERYBODY! Purple Tasche & Design Incisions have teamed up to create Designer Square: A group of people working together to advance their shared artistic ideas. It’s a blog where you can send us 10cm X 10cm pieces of original art, and we will post it. It’s time for you to get noticed, to meet new designers / artists, and enhance you’re own personal skills!
Designer Square is a movement which connects design professionals from all around the world with different creative backgrounds to showcase their business and personality within one square.

Here is how to get involved: 
Submit your ( 10cm x 10cm ) designers square that reflects your business and personality.
All images have to be edited, digital or self made.
Each submission should include:
Business Name
Country you are based in
Small Business description
Website link
Artwork ( 10cm x 10cm ) JPEG, RGB, 300dpi.
Please submit all squares with the above information to: submit.designersquare@gmail.com

We are trying to create a massive iternational group of artists to share their work and get noticed ! Any one can submit!



They will be posted on our blog!